Protect3 Safety Glass is a fully UL tested and certified fire-rated glass

PROTECT3 Safety Glass

PROTECT3 Safety Glass is the most affordable UL Certified fire-rated glass for doors in the market.UL Classified

It is fully UL tested and certified and has fire ratings up to 90 minutes in doors.

It is also impact-safe passing ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16CFR1201 at the highest category II level in large sizes. It is suitable for full door lites.

Based on a wired glass substrate, but enhanced and improved to make it fully certified and building code compliant, it is your most affordable option for fire-rated glass in your doors.

Traditional wired glass is no longer permitted under the building code. PROTECT3 Safety Glass is an enhanced product that is designed to meet and exceed current building codes and standards. It is a safe and affordable choice for fire-rated doors.