Fire-rated glass Schott PYRAN Platinum is available in monolithic, filmed and laminated versions


The world’s first and only floated glass ceramic is SCHOTT PYRAN Platinum. Made with a state of the art production process, PYRAN Platinum is the leader in fire-rated glass ceramics for doors.

It is the world’s only eco-certified glass ceramic and comes with a premium finish only possible from floated glass. It does not have the dirty yellow color associated with other glass ceramics and does not require remedial polishing after production. It is your best choice for clear fire-rated glass for fire-doors.
UL Classified
SCHOTT PYRAN Platinum is fully fire tested and certified by UL. It can be used in fire-doors up to 180 minutes.

It is also fully impact safe passing ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16CFR1201 at the highest category II levels.

DOOR.GLASS in partnership with Glassopolis stocks and processes high volumes of SCHOTT PYRAN Platinum for door OEMs, vision lite manufactures and door distributors. We can help you get fire-rated glass fast.

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